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This subscription plan is for the AWAKE Academy. This has recently been added as a way for every budget to have access to the educational and spiritual experience that will forever change their lives. By choosing this option you will have access to everything that is advertised in the AWAKE program. We will keep adding to this program and you will have lifetime access to it. As soon as you make your first payment of $295, you will have access to the full program. However, the certifications will be awarded to you after you have reached $4995. This means that the program has been paid in full. You can contact support and pay the $4995 off early at any time. 


However, you can cancel at any time. Cancellation or nonpayment will not affect your credit what so ever. Upon canceling you will no longer have access to the contents anymore, as with any subscription. This is a wonderful way to step into amazing opportunities now and pay over time. 


Enjoy this journey, YOU deserve it!

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