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Rebecca Wiley

Allow Rebecca to Help You Redesign Your Life

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect life...

Have you created that life yet? 

Conscious Infinity's mission is to get you from where you are now to where you dream to be. Our goal is to ensure that you are the key player in your own life. Allow your journey to be one full of laughter, success, health, and prosperity. You CAN create your own reality starting now! Let us show you how to lead your life instead of your life leading you. Rebecca will help you to rewrite your book of fate and redesign your universal blueprint.

Spiritual Counseling/Development

Rebecca’s VIP Sessions


A session with Rebecca is unique to who you are and your needs. Rebecca has been trained in many modalities such as; EMDR, RRT, Hypnotherapy, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, Access Bars, Zero-Point Activations and more. However, Rebecca connects directly with you to determine what will benefit you the most and rapidly get to the result you are looking for.  After the session, you will experience amazing shifts and synchronicities. Rebecca will know your situations, goals, and needs very well. Rebecca makes it a priority to be available for sessions quickly on evenings and on weekends as well. 

CLICK BUTTON BELOW TO CALL NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION or send an email.  This consultation is important so you and Rebecca can see if you are a good match and determine what is best for you right away. 

What Rebecca Treats and Services Offered:

Rebecca offers trauma counseling, spiritual counseling and EMDR in Rockville, MD, which is part of Montgomery County. She is fast and productive. Her unique strategy of applying spiritual and energy work in conjunction with EMDR, RTT and Hypnotherapy separates her from the rest. Rebecca treats Trauma, Anxiety, Grief, and Depression. However, Rebecca believes that okay is not good enough. Part of your experience with Rebecca will entail designing a reality where you not only thrive but survive.  Relationship Counseling in Rockville, MD is also a specialty for Rebecca.

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