Personalized Meditation

An Individualized meditation just for you! This mediation will be a tool that you can use over and over again. This is personalized and I will tap into your energy field and use whatever is needed to design a mediation that is effective and transformational no matter what you are going through. This meditation will be 40 minutes long and will include binaural beats. Once you purchase this meditation you will be emailed a list of questions that you need to answer in as much detail as possible. I will email you to clarify what I am picking up and channeling. The email conversation may not be necessary if we have already worked together or if this is in conjunction with a session. 

Cost- $450
A remote channeling and intuitive session to successfully guide you through a PERSONALIZED journey based on the answers to your questions and the energy behind your answers. A confirmation and follow up email is included.  This will navigate through blocks, fears, resentments, and stuck energy patterns that are unique to you. Whatever comes and shows up for me I will use. I put my heart and soul into these meditations and come from a place of pure integrity. It is recommended that you listen to this mediation at night for 3 weeks and then use as needed. This has been a very highly effective tool for my clients and reduces sessions needed with myself or any other practitioners. You can address any of the following:

Physical health
Emotional or Spiritual Health
Manifesting whatever you desire (soul-mate, prosperity, house, etc)
Weight Issues
Chakra Alignment
DNA activations
Business Growth or Creation
Plus much much more

Please allow 36 hours after purchase for mediation to be delivered to you via email. 

To purchase individualized meditation go to private session page


" In 2016, I moved to India and found it hard to connect with Rebecca because of my schedule. I found our sessions invaluable. I was working through and toward a relationship at the same time. It was a very complicated situation. I had lifetimes of stuck energy and many issues in childhood hindering me. Rebecca created a magical audio file for me to listen to. Hearing my name in the mediation with the navigation through energetic patterns that were mine was extremely powerful. My body would tingle and my chakras would open. I could feel downloads and DNA activations. I had specific guardian angels that she channeled just for me that helped me night after night. It was like the mediation kept healing me as each night passed. It was a godsend. The amount of money that I spent on this mediation was nothing compared to the results. Thank you Rebecca!"

Samone Reguirez 

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