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Conscious Infinity

Niall Sullivan


Conscious creation is essential in ALL lines of business and to be truly successful in any area of your life. 

By trade, I am a CAD Engineer and spent a a large portion of my life designing products and for various corporations and institutions. 

I am very passionate about everything I do in life and have learned to treasure the moment that I am in above everything else. That moment leads to the next and the next and then pretty soon you are treasuring your whole life. 

My clients are often professional engineers, graphic designers, lawyers, and other high level entrepreneurs. 

I use my background in CAD design and implementation as well as my background in coaching and consulting to help you take your business to the next level. 

I offer many consulting packages, including speaking engagements at your place of business. I teach not only the mind-set but the energy- set to launch your business to infinite potential. 

We will do this consciously and creatively while having fun! Because life should be freeing and expansive. 

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