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Welcome to AWAKE

Academy of Wealth Alchemy and Kinetic Energy.

This program will change your life forever. Have you ever been involved in a true state of alchemized strategic change before? Collectively, most of our clients say it is like getting a full-being makeover. TRUE wealth is wealth of the mind, body and spirit. A person who is financially rich but emotionally depressed or physically sick is lacking true wealth. AWAKE teaches clients to blissfully reach a state of zero-point consciousness. This is a place where the only moment in time is the moment of NOW. In this moment of NOW exists a very important torsion field of energy called the “zero-point”. When you access this point you are embodied in a vacuum that will effortlessly and easily allow you to manifest a life of wealth, true-love, perfect health, and spiritual evolvement.  Before designing this new age program, dozens of extremely successfully people were studied. The definition of successful for this purpose implies that the person is financially wealthy, happily in love, physically healthy, and spiritually abundant. Every successful entrepreneur that was studied and modeled had a way of thinking, acting, and being that just naturally attracts success. This way of being is existing in the “zero-point “ field of consciousness.

Who Is this program for?

This program is about YOU. Through the program you will organically learn to embody these techniques and become them. AWAKE is about you being the fire that everyone else can have a torch from. Earning these amazing certifications and attracting your own life long clients will be a bonus of self transformation.

This Program is for Everybody! This program can benefit energy workers, life coaches, intuitives who need direction on how to work with clients, doctors of any kind, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, actors, Anyone who wants to be successful.

You will receive certifications in the following:

-  ThetaHealing

-  Zero-point Activations

-  DNA Encoding and Activation

-  Neuro-Linguisitic Programming

-  Hypnotherapy

-  Medical Intuition

-  Life Coaching

You  will be an Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner

Refund Policy: If you follow everything in the AWAKE program and do not make at least times your money back in the first year you will get a full refund.

What is the content off the program:

The following modules are delivered by online videos and workbooks and guided meditations.

-How to access the field of the heart to connect to the “ALL THAT IS” Energy. This is the energy where real shift happens!

-How to become holographic. This is for you to benefit from and also there are techniques that you will learn to administer to clients.  Becoming holographic means that you are a clear channel or frequency to attract without static.  This video series is quite extensive and covers a lot of material. This is the aspect of the program that does a complete cleanse on your consciousness on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. You will learn very valuable content.

-Clearing your DNA, clearing the DNA imprint that is present in your matrix or grid of consciousness, and aligning the best DNA Blueprint for you with the highest frequency blueprint of “ALL THAT IS” . Essentially this is aligning the Central Nervous System to the Central Nervous System of Source/Universe/ALL THAT IS. This is ZPA™ (Zero-Point Acceleration). This is a technique founded by Rebecca Wiley, the founder of this program AWAKE. You will have the option to list yourself as a practitioner of Zero-Point Acceleration after this training.

-Aligning internal feminine and masculine. This is often referred to as polarity. This is extremely important to sustain static free connection to “ALL THAT IS”. It is through this frequency that money comes in its purest form as well as health and joy. This alignment ensures that you receive effortlessly and easily what you desire.

-Resolving exposure issues and fears. How to clear this for yourself and clients. Lecture and Practical Application.

-How to develop your intuitive muscle, recognize as well as utilize your inherit clairvoyance.  This is extremely beneficial to everyone regardless of what they are doing in this life!

-How to track, read, and heal client’s energy remotely. Tracking is an invaluable tool in any field of work. This is the ability to identify the unique energy blueprint of a person, place, situation, or experience. After identifying or capturing that unique blueprint, a reading and healing can be done instantaneously.

-NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing). How to relate to clients with appropriate languaging. This is a a very popular methodology among healers, politicians, entrepreneurs, advertisers etc. NLP is used to effectively identify how a person operates, what is happening in the subconscious mind and how to gracefully walk them from being stuck to free.

-How to talk to communicate with beings who have passed or exist in different realms. Examples: Deceased loved ones or guardian angels

-How to ask for divine angelic intervention

-How to do body talk to become a medical intuitive

-How to clear stagnant energy and revise energetic blueprint.

-Why you MUST give clients homework to keep blueprint clear

-How to manipulate astrological charts in someones energy field to heal them and why this works

-What are star-seed  beings and how to communicate with them. How to identify if you or someone else is a star-seed and how to harness this gift for healing and manifesting.

-Blue Ray Activation (Every participant will receive the Blue Ray Activation). This activation was channeled by Rebecca Wiley form very high frequency started beings. This Activation helps to awaken the receiver to see and experience what is normally beyond human perception.

-How to prepare for session

-How to facilitate session

-What to do after session

-Pre-session meditation for client and why this is important

-The importance of Trace Minerals for client that is active with energy work

-How to align business chakras with personal chakras to make your business

successful- This is crucial for entrepreneurs!

-Video Content on how to grow business organically through social media and online avenues- This is very important and we will guide you step by step.

-Video Content on how to work less and accomplish more in this modern world today.

-Video Content on Business Development, Growth, Management, and Sustainability.


How to become super-sized without the extra weight or stress.  This teaches you

how to become empowered, not powerful. There is a big difference between the two. Being a powerful business owner is connected to alot of ego, which brings low frequency people and situations. Being empowered allows for your business and the players involved to be in a natural flow with high frequency people, situations, and experiences to gain wealth and success.

-Mission Statements, Logos, Webpages, etc. - Everything you need to know.

-The importance of branding yourself and the most effective strategies to do so.

-AWAKE is a 16-week program that focuses on getting clients into the zero-point consciousness state of being AND teaching them how to literally align with their goals, and effectively establish, grow, and empower a thriving business and life. This methodology is the DNA Blueprint of Success.  


AWAKE is a program designed for anyone and everyone who wants to have true success in life. Each participant will cleanse, heal, and reset themselves to attract true wealth.  


-At the start of the program you will have a personal assessment. Your personalized methodology will be determined and the programming for success will begin.

-A  personalized session per week (optional)

-3 hours of video per week- worksheets and learning tools

access to library for life.


"I have been a client of Rebecca’s since 2014. She worked with me on recovering from a death, my relationship, parenting, career, and family issues. She is a one-stop shop However, I can honestly say that she is a hidden gem. I got promoted to CEO of a very large Organization. My income has tripled since working with her. I got promoted the day after she and I covered a deep connection between something that happened in my childhood and why I was staying “stuck” in the job position I was in. She helped me to “clear” and “shift” the energy around this. Boy did my life rapidly transform. I will be honest when I say that it was not until after I meant Rebecca that I understood the connection between financial success and spiritual success. This program is priceless". 


Adam G.  

Pheonix, Arizona


" I am writing this testimonial from my hotel in the Virgin Islands. I am making money from the Virgin Islands thanks to Rebecca. I believe everything changed for me when I released the value on my family’s judgments towards me. During one of the modules that I was listening to it made so much since when Rebecca said that when I stop judging myself so harshly all of other peoples judgments will magical disappear. I listened and did the exercises around and it worked! People started to become excited when they listened to my ideas and ventures. Now I am making a multiple six-figure income form anywhere in the word that I decide to be. ALL of what Rebecca teaches matters. Also it was 2 months after my work with Rebecca that I found my husband, who I married 2 months ago!

I highly recommend Rebecca and her program!"


Susan Tresman

Whereever I decide to be!!



"My name is Peter, and I am what everyone would consider to be a Millennial. I watched my parent’s make the worst decisions about money in their life. I found it very difficult to understand why my father and mother chose to work for others making a fraction of their potential. I knew since I Wass like 8 years old that that would never be me. When I was 29 I stumbled across literature on the law of attraction, money blocks, the personalities/mindsets of truly successful people and most importantly the concept that we are all energy beings. I quickly shifted my way of thinking and the next thing I knew I stumbled across Rebecca. It was then that I made the best investment for myself by enrolling in her program. If you have ever tried Ayahuasca, I would compare it to that. Our weekly coaching calls after completing her online modules were challenging, humorous, and full of growth. I had an idea, the idea became a concept, the concept became its own consciousness, and that consciousness was integrated into my reality. I am now the proud owner of a thriving vegan organic dog food company. Thank You Rebecca for helping me to anchor my fleeting thoughts into a reality that is just purely amazing!"


Peter R.

San Francisco, CA


"I am a natural born Intuitive and I knew my purpose in life was to work with people to help them heal on an energetic level. Rebecca’s program is perfect for me. It teaches me how heal using amazing techniques that Rebecca teaches so well. I now know how to use my abilities to work with Clients and heal them. Rebecca provides alot of content and ways to heal people that are creative and fun. The Zero-Point Acceleration is amazing! I use it on my self and my clients. Furthermore, I now know how to set my business up and get clients naturally without feeling like I am advertising myself. Thanks Rebecca!"


Joanne Markal 

Rhode Island 

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After pushing submit you will be guided on how to download the AWAKE ebook. Please read before consultation. 
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