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" I was going through a very tough time in my life when I found Rebecca.  Rebecca is very unique because she uses what ever it takes to help. Her psychic abilities make the session and healing so powerful. I purchased a 10 session package because of everything that was going on in my life. Miracles were performed in those 10 sessions. I am now Lyme free and have energy to begin the business that I have always dreamed of. My emotional, mental, and physical states are where I need them to be. Furthermore, after 10 years without a relationship I am dating an amazing partner!"

Lynn Fregman


" After four years of therapy and two attempts at suicide, I finally found Rebecca, Rebecca used Theta healing as well as Zero-Point to create a miracle in my life. I was diagnosed with Dissociative Personality Disorder, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder and Clinical Depression. Rebecca is the only therapist that uncovered my “core’ issues using Theta Healing. The sessions became extremely intense with extreme releases of tension. We discovered that I was carrying around an attachment for years that influenced my moods and behaviors dramatically. This was the attachment of a man who had traumatized and sexually abused me since the age of 3. I am sure that our sessions could have been televised and more entertaining than any paranormal activity show!! After ridding myself of this attachment I lost eighty pounds, can now walk without a cane, and am in my last year of school to get a masters degree. I also attended all of Rebecca’s theta healing Classes. I have never learned so much in my life. She has bright, dynamic energy, and her classes are captivating and full of miracles. She makes everyone feel very comfortable and gives the one on one attention that is needed. I can’t wait to take future classes with her!"

Laura -- Rockville, MD


I came to see Rebecca because I had a very low level of testosterone. I am a 36 year old man and I had a testosterone level of an 80 year-old man. I was told by my primary care physician that “I was like a woman”. I had never heard of this technique, however I trusted Rebecca and decided to give it a try. Rebecca made so much difference in my life after only one session. She is extremely intuitive and picked up my religious background immediately and the core issues associated with this. I was in tears by the end of the first session, realizing that I had so many beliefs that were weighing me down. I have never experienced such an emotional release in my entire life. I only had 3 sessions with Rebecca before my Testosterone levels were back to normal and I feel wonderful!! I am astounded by her kindness, acceptance, and intuitive abilities. She has changed my life.

Stephen --Cumberland, Maryland


I meant Rebecca through a friend who had taken her classes. I have never felt like I belonged in this world and only seemed to be able to communicate with animals and not humans. Rebecca did individual theta healing sessions on me 1 time a week for about 6 months. I never believed in past lives before meeting Rebecca. I do now for sure. I took Rebecca’s Theta Classes that she offered as well. Throughout my treatment I broke off a very unhealthy relationship, moved out of a toxic house, got a job telepathically communicating with animals (I was estatic!!!!), and am featured in a top yoga magazine. Rebecca is a saving grace. I wish I could put her in my pocket and carry her around. She is beautiful inside and out! I highly recommend her as a practitioner and a teacher.

Zoe ---New Jersey


I took Rebecca’s Theta healing Courses to satisfy my CEU requirements for my MD license. Theta healing has changed my life. I knew that I was intuitive, but I have gifts that I never dreamed I could have. Rebecca was an excellent teacher. VERY PATIENT with the class. She offered the class in a retreat setting at the very dream house that she manifested. It was so peaceful and calming. Rebecca did a fantastic job at holding the space for her class and radiates with enthusiasm and positive energy. I have noticed that she is just one of those people that you just want to be around.

Robert ---Bethesda, MD


I came to Rebecca’s class with a burning sensation in my throat that I have had for years!! It was a turning point in my life. I work with children that are abused and felt that oddest resentments towards them. During the class I discovered vowels and oaths that needed to be released. As I released these vowels and oaths, the burning in my throat completely went away. I discovered where my resentments originated from and why I forced myself to stay in this job. I plan to use Theta healing in my own career as I watch my manifestations unfold. Thanks Rebecca for your support and inviting me to your class. It was priceless.

Jodi ---Silver Spring, MD


I started off seeing Rebecca as a client and progressed into taking her theta classes. I had fibermalogia, severe back pain, and IBS. I will never forget when Rebecca took my hand and downloaded me with unconditional love. I was amazed at the feeling of a download and the tremendous warmth that spread throughout me. I had issues with my mother, relationships, finances, and health! She taught me that everything is connected. We pulled so many beliefs, fears, resentments, vowels. Oaths, etc. etc.She did a baby in the womb exercise on me, and the next day my mother called asking me to forgive her. That was a miracle! I had to take her theta class after my IBS symptoms disappeared and I ended up finding the “man of my dreams”. Rebecca is a wonderful leader. Teacher, and spiritual being. She has a glow about her that is captivating. I would recommend Theta Healing to everyone and definitely recommend Rebecca as a teacher.

Karen ---Frostburg, MD


Reaching into the depth that is yourself is never easy but Rebecca Norris made it fun, adventurous and exciting as the instructor in the Basic DNA Theta Healing Class I recently attended. Her skills in Theta Healing and NLP, combined with her Masters in Psychology allow her to instantly access how each individual learns and what their blocks may be so she can teach them quickly, providing an excellent learning space for all. Rebecca has a knack for telling exemplary stories that lend insight to the student and enable them to discover issues in their own lief that can be healed with DNA Theta Healing. I believe that Rebecca's energy allowed our class to tap into the Theta brain wave state rapidly and easily creating an advanced space for learning Basic DNA Theta Healing. Her explanation that we each experience Theta insights differently was beneficial in my circumstance and revealed to me that I obtain those insights almost instantaneously. Many thanks to Rebecca Norris for her continued efforts and guidance in DNA Theta Healing as well as her other modalities for all that she meets. The world is certainly a better place because of her.

Joan Severance


Hi!! I have to tell you, great things are happening for me, at such a pace!!! It started the day after Easter. I answered an ad on craigslist to take over a massage practice. I am busy with massages 2 days per week at my existing job, then added 3 to 4 days at the new location, and that is full because taking over another therapists practice because she had to move out of state quickly. So suddenly this week, I am fully booked, with 12 massages, and 12 next week also. And the 3rd week is filling also, giving me time to set up my own marketing.

AND ..... I am not tired, in fact, I have more energy, because I am confident it is real, finally happening - a feeling of success finally, and I feel in the flow. My step-daughter, who has her own small marketing company and is very talented and creative, is helping me with a website, brochures, arranging business accounts, credit card processing, how to target the clientele I would like to attract etc.I keep thinking, how did this happen? I know it is 3 things primarily: the "Energetic Divorces" have freed up my own energy, I no longer feel the guilt, domination, fear, manipulation and repression from those relationships. Also am freer from regret, rejection and resentment. Also am doing lists of downloads each night before I sleep, connecting with Creator and feelings of success, confidence, exuberance, love, etc.

Wow, this stuff really works. I am so Happy!!! And that is only half the story, I am so busy with all I have to do, I do not have time right now to tell you the rest of the story, because it is still unfolding. Perhaps in a couple weeks, I will have a minute to catch my breath and tell you more.Thank-you so much Rebecca!! I loved loved your teaching style and taking the Theta healing Classes in Maryland with you!!You may use this email as a testimonial, if you wish. So glad I took it when I did and didn't wait til the next sessions.

Much love, Laurie.

MD I was sterile for thirty-eight years and that was the main cause of my divorce years ago. Rebecca explained to me that belief systems and old blocks help in our energy fields can manifest into physical symptoms. After two hours of doing belief work with Rebecca, I was pregnant two weeks later!!! I am so thankful and I look forward to taking her classes in the near future. I want to use Theta to make my entire life perfect!!

Saudia M. California


Hello Rebecca, Thanks again for our first session last Thursday. I had a beautiful experience at my Buddhist meditation center immediately after. For the first time, I was able to sit for one hour straight without moving or feeling the urge to change position ... which was a big accomplishment for me. :) Also, the day at work on Friday was very productive!! Anyway, I am looking forward for our second session this coming Thursday. Thanks again and looking forward to continue the work with your guidance!

Much love Seb MD


I attended Rebecca's Basic Class in Maryland. Rebecca is a wonderful healer and teacher. She gives every student individualized attention and makes sure they understand the process. She will tell you at the beginning of class that everyone will leave with a profound healing. This is true!! I left feeling so relaxed. What is amazing is that my eye doctor told me that he can not believe the difference in my eye sight. I project that I will be glasses free by the next time I see him :-))

Nancy MD


My name is Ellie and I took the ThetaHealing Basic DNA class, taught by Rebecca Norris, September 6-8, 2013 in Navasota, Texas. I have been interested in ThetaHealing for several months but never had the opportunity to attend training in a place that would be convenient for me. I wanted to connect with Rebecca by phone and just talk with her for a few minutes to get a feel for whether I should sign up for the class in September. Rebecca was prompt in calling me back and I felt such a good energy in our conversation that I decided to sign up. I am so glad I signed up for this class! The class was 8 in number and just the right size to facilitate our training as well as friendship’s that have continued after the class. Rebecca’s teaching style is calm, knowledgeable, and informal. She made this training real and was always open to questions; she gave each one of us personalized attention. She knows just how to make the lessons come alive and really find a place that resonates inside you. Her personality is warm and soft spoken and I could see her mission as a teacher radiate from her. I have used the knowledge gained in this class on myself and family every day. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I plan on taking DNA 2 and Manifesting with Rebecca as soon as I can.

Ellie Texas


I attended the Basic Theta class in Navasota, Texas. Rebecca is an amazing instructor/facilitator. Participants in our class were diverse with various life experiences. I believe an energetic vortex was created; a wonderful and refreshing synchronicity of like souls. Lots of fun. I experienced a lifting of a sadness; I have had as long as I can remember. A sadness that has been so much a part of my being. I can only describe this as a shawl around my shoulders I became so use to that I only noticed it when it was not there.

Thank you Marie, Texas


I attended a class in Maryland with Rebecca and it was beyond amazing. She did a beautiful manifesting technique at the end and gifted us all with DNA activations and activation of the youth and vitality chromosome. All I can say is this stuff works. Since that manifesting session, I have sold all three of my houses within 2 months!!!!!!! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH. Rebecca has a true gift. Thanks Rebecca.

Much Love and Prosperity to you. Lena, Virginia

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