Transmute a much needed change with these angelic frequencies, light codes and Blu Ray activations. Dr. Sullivan guides you into a fabulous meditation where you will take something from your external existence and transmute it. After-all it is the internal field of the heart that acts as a projector to the external world

Join Dr. Rebecca Sullivan in this meditation during this time of crisis. Learn how to access your innate healing abilities to strengthen your immunity to disease and illness as well as be a beacon of light for others. Shed old discarnate and static energies from the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Activate your light body and receive light codes and DNA activations to be impervious not only to the Coronavirus but any illness or disease. Understand that in perceived chaos can be magical changes and open portals to new beginnings and rebirth. 

Learn about Theta Healing from Dr. Rebecca Wiley. Listen to the moat FAQ and find out how Theta healing can help you!

The real deal in Manifesting! How to manifest through torsion fields of energy. How to dis-create and re-create desired events. 

Learn the characteristics of a false twin flame vs. a real twin flame. Their is a reason that the false twin flame may come first, learn what that is.

Learn how Ayahuasca and Magic Mushrooms utilize the natural healing ability of the body to treat mental, spiritual, and physical issues. Rebecca discusses her experiences and how she uses this natural plant medicine with her clients

Rebecca has been a saving grace for hundreds of clients on how to manifest a true twin flame. There is one recipe and one recipe only to true success. There is no way around this recipe and these ingredients are essential! The information shared in this podcast will be your "love potion" for all areas of your life! 

This brings manifestation and the law of attraction to a new divine level! Rebecca discusses how to Manifest wealth, health, love and anything you desire while experiencing a Kundalini Tantric Orgasm. Yes, I said it ORGASM. When you orgasm in this state you are connected to creator, source, god- that is why it feels so damn good! We are supposed to feel this way. Ecstatic, in the moment, FREE, In love; these are all healing frequencies of All That Is/GOD. Can you imagine what you can manifest while divinely anchored in this state of being?! Listen to this podcast and learn from Dr. Wiley how to bring your manifestations to a new level and live YOUR best life Now!

Rebecca has summed up in this podcast the most frequent blocks to successfully making and keeping money. She uses her experience with her clients and successfully shifting their blocks to open portals of abundance. Listen to this podcast and identify your own blocks so that you can begin your own shift today!

Love has everything to do with it! Dr. Wiley discusses how diseases, illnesses and static get into the body or consciousness. By knowing and exercising your right to free will and harnessing your birthright to this amazing healing frequency, you can heal yourself! 

Join Dr. Rebecca Wiley as she discusses the process of de-aging and the activation of the Youth and Vitality Chromosome. Enjoy a guided meditation on teaching your body how to de-age and activate dormant DNA. 

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