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     I have seen Sacred Plant Medicine change the lives of countless people. Usually the time to participate in a ceremony is when you get a calling to start searching and looking for dates!  This is something that you can't or won't be talked into or convinced of. YOU know if the time is right and the energy of the plant has reached out to you! 


I am a believer, a facilitator, and messenger of this divine process. I facilitate individualized ceremonies and do not conduct large group ceremonies. This allows for comfort and individualized and consistent attention and treatment during the process. You are NOT paying for the plant medicine. If you choose to take the plant medicine, it is free and completely up you! The cost is in the service that is provided to you. 


I am an Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner who will facilitate pre-assessment and post-ceremony integrations. During the ceremony I will be by your side guiding you, doing energy work, and providing safety and security. 


Due to the intensity of the service and individualized nature you will be making a financial commitment that is greater than if you went to a large ceremony with 20 or greater people. Our ratio is 1 practitioner to 2 people. The maximum number of people allowed is 4. This is an amazing process for couples  as well and I feel blessed to be a part of such a magical process! I am also a tantra practitioner and this is the perfect time to introduce this process to couples from an energetic perspective!


We have upcoming ceremonies with availability at this time. It is on a first come, first serve basis and you must pass a the assessment criteria. 


If you are interested in moving forward after reading this please fill out the form below and we will set up a free consultation. However, please read below so that you understand the process and pricing before contacting me. 


Also if you have not done so, please revisit my website and watch the introductory video at


Cost: $3000 - This includes 2 ceremonies (Two Nights), all lodging, food and drink will be provided. 

$1500 is due to secure your spot and remainder is due 1 week before the actual ceremony date. 

The cost for a couple is $5000 (May have to share a room). $2500 due to secure spot and remainder due 1 week before ceremony dates. 


If you are interested in an assessment please fill out form below.  

I am Interested and have read above . 

Thank You

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