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Are You Ready For a Profound Individually Guided Transformational Experience?

Is Natural Plant Medicine for You?
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Please fill out below if you are interested in attending a ceremony. You will be taken to a page that tells you the details of the ceremony, cost and dates. If you do not fill out the form on the next page, you will NOT be contacted

Natural Plant Medicine Healing, Homeopathy, Apothecary and Spirit Medicines

Scared Amazonian Medicines and Apothecary were commonly used before western pharmaceuticals were introduced. We use natural plant medicines to treat addictions, depression and much more. These powerful healing plants assist psychotherapists, shamans and homeopathic healers in facilitating beneficial exploration of the psyche. In fact, those who use these medicines as part of an Integrative and Holistic approach to Wellness report more efficient and effective results when compared to conventional psychiatric therapies and medications. Many of which must be taken daily and often have harmful side effects. 


Many other organizations that offer ayahuasca retreats and magic mushroom retreats , lack the individualized treatment planning process, doctorate level practitioner education, and are often held with large groups. The individualized mushroom ceremony or other plant medicine is extremely important because there is a golden opportunity for the practitioner to work with the client while they are in a state of openness. Essentially their body is ready to intrinsically heal. It is very important that the clients are guided in a therapeutic way through their conscious, subconscious and spiritual journey. Rebecca and Andrew provide intense healing and emotional support to patients while exploring their inner experience. They additionally serve as guides and anchors that connect the spirit world experiences to 3D reality. Often people search out Rebecca and Andrew for treatment of addictions, trauma, and grief with mushrooms and other plant medicines. 


Patients participate in consultation sessions before natural plant medicine treatment to prepare them for the experience as well as follow up sessions to integrate the experience in the weeks to follow. 

Our Ceremonial Retreats stand out among the rest because not only do we provide you with support and guidance during the journey, we jump in and provide intensive one on one healing and support for the entire experience. This allows you to confront and battle traumas and energetic blocks in a completely protected and private location.


What We Treat

Natural Plant Medicines such as; Magic Mushrooms and Ayahuasca prove effective in the treatment of:


* Adult ADHD

* Depression and Bipolar Disorders

* Addictions

* Anxiety Disorders, including OCD


* Eating Disorders

* Repressed Wounds from Childhood Trauma

* Musculoskeletal Injuries and Conditions

* Organ System Damage and Malfunction

*Digestive Issues

* Phobias and Fears

* Autoimmune Disorders

* Migraines, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

* Energetic Blocks to Love, Abundance and Prosperity

* Anger

* Stressful Life Experiences

* Weight Loss


Our Ceremonies offer tremendous life changes such as:


* Manifesting Prosperity and Abundance

* Health and Living Well

* Deeper Psychic/Spiritual understanding through use of Alchemy, Numerology, Sacred Geometry and accessing Higher Dimensions & Frequencies Of the Collecive Conscious

Retreat Information


Rebecca and Andrew will begin your journey with a consultation to determine your candidacy for treatment and answer any questions that you may have. If approved for treatment and prior to the ceremony, they will introduce you to spirit medicine, discuss any expectations and answer any questions that you may have. Once the ceremony begins, you will be in the company of them or one of their highly trained staff the entire time. After the medicine begins to take effect, you will be provided with intensive healing during your entire journey in a sacred space of your own. After the ceremony, you will be provided with a private and comfortable room to rest and allow integration to naturally happen. We will also provide snacks and breakfast from preplanned menu before you depart and allow for any questions or insights that you may have from the previous night. You will leave with a required scheduled follow-up private zoom session to discuss Integration and maintenance of the new you. You will also leave with a divine tool kit that allows you to access sacred healing tools from the comfort of home. These divine tools are essential in combating any possible new or existing unwanted toxic energies when they try to present and reattach to your soul. Through mindfulness and wellness, you will be able to recognize how these energies feel as they are triggered and will be able to stamp them out before they fully manifest and try to psychically attack your newly cleansed and spiritually rebirthed soul. You will also leave with a sense of peace and enlightenment that for many is the first time they ever felt completeness, self-love and unity of mind, body and spirit.

I had a phobia of flying that was effecting my marriage, my job, and my personal life. After just one ayahuasca ceremony I slept on my upcoming flight and have been great ever since. Words can’t explain how much I learned about myself during this ceremony. I had never participated in anything like this before and I was a little apprehensive. However, with Rebecca and Angela I felt safe knowing that they have years of experience both in psychotherapy and conducting ceremonies. I loved the experience and will be back for sure!

Julia M. Falls Church, VA

I have always been told that I was ADHD and also had a mood disorder. I was on Ritalin as a child and Depakote. The medicine made me sick and would not work unless I kept raising the dose. When I did an ayahuasca ceremony with Rebecca, I felt my brain reset. It felt as though I was fully in my own brain for the first time in my own life. I had control over my focus and moods. I still feel wonderful! Thanks Rebecca and Angela.


Chad Br. Los Angeles, CA



I  hadn’t slept in nineteen years as a result of severe trauma as a child. After one ceremony, I have slept every night since. I am a man of few words but I had to write this. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you Rebecca and Angela. 

Don D.   New York, New York

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